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Sales Platform

Sales Platform

With the number of customers currently using Taylor Mobile Services, it is the ideal sales platform for selling your goods and services. The one main selling proposition upon which the entire sales campaign is built on is the sales platform. Simply put, it is the channel that is used for selling a service or product.

There are numerous ways of selling a product, whether it is through e-commerce websites, phones, catalogs, sales agents and so on.

What are the best means of selling?

Direct Selling

Direct selling is by far the most effective as it allows you to create a relationship with your customers and really understand their needs. It is also the most expensive, due to the cost of the staff.

Telemarketing and Online Sales

This is a method best used for getting to hard to reach customers, or to loyal customers who are already familiar with the product. The downside is that there is a smaller possibility of building a relationship with clients, as well as being unable to demonstrate the product.


Using a sales agent, you have access to experienced staff who have all the necessary contacts and skills. This will reduce upfront investment while increasing sales and reach hard-to-reach markets.

Taylor Mobile Services is experienced in using various sales platforms to provide you with the best experience while using all our numerous services, all of which are accessible on our website and our latest mobile app.

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