Taylor Mobile Services

Our Team

Our Team

Our Executive Team

Austin Taylor

CEO and Founder

Bryant Wallace

Vice President of Business Development

Jasmin Muhotić

Chief of Operations (COO)

Customer Base

We already have established a customer base where we offer our esteemed customers a variety of services. Among many, we have “Live-chat”, a bot which our customers can use to communicate with us and each other directly. We always make sure to answer promptly, as we appreciate our customers and we always make sure to provide them with the best service.

Vendor Base

We already have established a vendor base where we offer vendors a platform to advertise their services and products. Using a platform on our website, vendors can offer various products and services to potential clients. The entire process is quite easy, they just post their offer and wait for customers to contact them. Using our customer base, surely they can find potential clients for their business.


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