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Legal Documents and Requirements Management

Legal Documents and Requirements Management

What are the legal documents and requirements management?

In sum, it is a tool designed to specifically help companies easily organize, access, and work with their documents in their day-to-day work in a more effective fashion.

Taylor Mobile services offer you legal documents and a requirements management system which provides our users with tools to manage, organize and otherwise make use of the documents necessary for the firm.

Taylor Mobile Services Legal Document Management System includes functionality like:

  • Matter-centricity – A matter-centric DMS allows the user to create a matter, which acts as a virtual file cabinet to store (and manage) documents, email, and notes for that matter.
  • Email Management – It’s important that a company’s Document Management System can store, index and manage email as it does documents
  • Document Types & Tagging –  It’s important to identify the exact type of each document in your DMS and this is done with the process of tagging (sometimes called profiling) a document. Categorizing documents in this way is useful for a variety of reasons, including the ability to see all documents of a certain type across your database, as well as to quickly assess the type or nature of a document at a glance.

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